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In AD 366, a Buddhist monk had a vision on the outskirts of Dunhuang, a bustling area on the Silk Road. 2020-10-14
An organization called CollegeNET has also taken a closer look at the best choices for students in their academic pursuits. 2020-10-22
Itar-Tass quoted Russian border guards as saying 675,000 people had fled Ukraine for Russia in the past two months and there were signs of a humanitarian catastrophe. 2020-10-12
The area covered in the remote southern Indian Ocean is about one-third the size of China, Zhuo said. 2020-10-13
To protect the intellectual property rights of innovation-oriented enterprises in Zhangjiang, Shanghai Jingyuan Group has been focusing on IP services and working to establish an IP-friendly environment for startups in the zone. 2020-10-23
Medical disputes involve professional judgment in the fields of medicine and law and are highly complicated. 2020-10-30
1 percent in the first quarter, 0. 2020-10-16
On May 31, a group of officers went to investigate a complaint that bicycles were illegally occupying a street. 2020-10-26
Lang Lang wins Spanish music award更多>>
It says it is non-negotiable. 2020-10-18
Live birds cannot be kept overnight at the markets, nor can they be transported back to the poultry farms. 2020-10-20
The middle route will supply 9. 2015-7-25
The meeting comes as the new Ukrainian government has given pro-Russian protesters a deadline to disarm or face a full-scale anti-terrorist operation by Ukrainian armed forces. 2018-6-20
Zvi Shiller, chairman of Israeli Robotics Association, said the robotics industry is, by nature, a result of multidisciplinary research and application, with AI a key part of that. 2016-12-7
The attack killed 11 people, including a judge and five lawyers. 2016-7-6
The goal of maintaining healthy economic growth is to secure employment, especially for surplus labor in rural areas. 2019-7-16
A witness recorded the scene and put the clip online, bringing a firestorm of public rage. 2015-9-5
Under the current law, people who have sex with prostitutes under 14 years old face a maximum of 15 years in prison, while those convicted of raping a child may face the death sentence.
The idea shifted his inventive energy, and he began to research a variety of suitcases.
Yuan suggested the government introduce support measures like favorable tax policies, prolonged maternity leave and education for families with two children.
The US real estate market started showing bubble signs two years later, and this was followed by five years of continuous price decline.
There are many defects in our management and facilities, he said.
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The BBD Accelerator focuses on advisory services instead of physical space, which also reduces costs.  For example, our process management business focuses efficiency so the need for more efficiency and connectivity throughout industrial plants or to remote sites is good for us.
The oldest museum in Britain has acquired a large private collection of modern and contemporary Chinese art, announced Ashmolean Friday.  CCTV selects 10 economic persons of the year to recognize entrepreneurs, politicians and scholars who have positively helped economic development and social progress.
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Ko was released this morning after 14 days of administrative detention after he was detained for possession and use of drugs in Beijing on August 18. 2016-9-17 
Earlier this month, Weng was told that her DNA matched that of a couple in Wenzhou. 2015-2-3 
On average, there are about 10,000 organ transplants in China annually, but 300,000 patients need transplants each year. 2018-10-9 
At the 17th Shanghai Film Festival which ended on June 22, the buzzword on everyones lips was BAT, referring to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, the three leading Internet companies in China. 2015-8-4 
I hope to see more of your products in future overseas trips, he said. 2017-11-14 
In the Three Gorges Dam region, the ministry has asked authorities to keep a close watch for rising water levels, to anticipate any flooding caused by heavy rain. 2018-10-21 
The park has a say in setting international standards and is a global, advanced intelligent transportation industry base. 2016-8-10 
  Live report of magnitude 8.2 quake off Chile更多>>
Experts said that universities, with many top research personnel, have produced abundant scientific and technological innovations. 2018-1-27 
Since Sunday, Shanghai police have been seen carrying guns and bullet casings as well as their usual handcuffs and batons in their daily patrols, a move local authorities said was made after more than a month of personnel training and preparations. 2017-6-16 
Contact the writer anbaijie@. 2015-5-2 
For instance, the Air Force now has Y-20 heavy-lift transport jets, but it needs to design methods and gain experience when it comes to airdropping armored vehicles, he said. 2018-1-26 
Geely has also nominated Li Donghui and Feng Qingfeng as their nominees to the Protons board. 2017-2-13 
The ministry said in a statement on its website that passengers will mainly travel for sightseeing or family reunions during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, which runs from Sept 30 to Oct 7. 2019-10-4 
My family, including Mo, have always sought a normal life, he says. 2019-6-6 
Ambassador speaks out on issues affecting Americans更多>>
The premier said China understands island countries aspirations as well as their developmental limits. 2017-11-4 
Stars who were troubled by drugsTaking ice is harmful to the body. 2019-5-3 
Although they were made of tissues, the created same flutter as traditional dresses. 2016-2-22 
Asia policy, he told reporters. 2017-2-14 
Mos works became the years bestsellers. 2017-5-31 
Volunteers may have little clue about what is most needed at a specific place, while a relief center can provide the latest information about all of the disaster-hit areas and distribute the needed materials on time, he said. 2015-10-26 
In the classroom environment, this is even more the case. 2017-10-15 
[Photo / China Daily] Chinas economic slowdown has led to weak demand for iron ore and coal in the domestic and overseas markets as the nations steel producers and power plants reduce production and generation, analysts said. 2017-2-20 
  Stars walk the red carpet at the 72nd Venice Film Festival更多>>
They have helped improve water-use efficiency by 20 percent per unit in its production operations, saving nearly 14 billion liters of water in direct operations in 2012. 2019-7-16 
Xi said that he devoted all his time to work, leaving little left for personal matters. 2018-12-26 
She then shoved him onto the subway track as the train pulled into the station, witnesses said. 2018-5-2 
The China International Import Expo, starting in 2018, will be an important means for countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative to gain access to the huge Chinese market. 2017-1-13 
Guangdong Ellington will be the biggest listing. 2019-1-5 
If we are to effectively foster growth we need to get this capital flowing. 2018-5-5 
KUNMING - More than 2,500 people have been sent to extinguish a forest fire raging in Southwest Chinas Yunnan Province, local authorities said on Monday. 2015-3-21 
He added that Cambodia needs 0-700 million a year for infrastructure development such as roads, bridges, electric power and irrigation system. 2018-3-24 
Amid COVID-19, China-Africa cooperation is imperative更多
Juves Samp shock shakes up title race更多
  In order to guarantee bright blossoms throughout the holiday, gardeners have employed supplements to extend blooming lifespan into autumn. 2 percentage points slower than the March level, official data showed Monday. 8-magnitude quake, leaving 26 people dead and over 300 others injured. Bian predicted that the industrys growth momentum will return after April, boosted by peoples rising incomes and the growing number of restaurants shifting focus from business clients to the general public. It is looking at China because its the only field left open for them.
  It was a warm and lively environment for us adults, but it may have been a little horrible for her. Sarah Bajc, partner of American passenger Philip Wood, said a handful of families were behind the campaign to look at the unprecedented aviation mystery with a fresh set of eyes. The priority of our work will lie in disease control as the next step in quake relief in the coming days, and we have already dispatched a large number of disease control workers to the quake-hit villages of Longtoushan township, said Ruan Lin, head of Ludian countys disease control and prevention center. [Photo/VCG]Shares of Guangdong-based port operators and developers surged by the daily limit on Wednesday, after Premier Li Keqiang said the central government will study and formulate an economic integration plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area this year.